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Advertise on the Show

We have several different ways to advertise on the Chicken Yogi Show podcast and Chicken Yogi TV.

  1. The podcast

Advertise on the podcast by providing your own broadcast-quality audio of 15-30 seconds. We’ll slide it into our show (for a fee, of course.) You can see prices on the podcast website. Look for the “advertise” link.

2. The show website

We are accepting advertisers for our show website. Your add (no larger than 200×300, and no animations) will be placed on our website’s sidebar and on individual episodes as sponsors. Again, check the “advertise” link for pricing.

3. Chicken Yogi TV

For our weekly Twitch streams we ARE NOT accept advertisers at this time. However, if you would like your ad be shown when we do our Chicken Yogi TV on YouTube, please provide 20-30 second video clips and we’ll review them and discuss pricing.

Advertising Rules

Any advertisement we put on our show will need to meet the following guidelines:

  • No advertisements with insults, bullying, harassment, sex, or other gimmicks to ensure listeners or viewership.
  • No MLM products or services.
  • No services which compete with what Chicken Yogi offers.
  • No hate.
  • No quick fixes, fad diets, or specific cures.
  • We will not advertise health or beauty aids unless they’ve been tried. Be prepared to provide a 30-90 day supply if applicable and understand that if the product doesn’t live up to the claim, then it will not be advertised.
  • Nothing that proclaims to “cure” fibromyalgia, adhd, etc.
  • Try to avoid gendered terms or products.

If you still think your product or service would be a good fit for my audience, please use the contact/support form here and open a ticket with details. Be prepared to provide your advertisement (audio or graphic), information about your product and service, and how you heard about us. Advertising rates vary depending on where you’d like to see your advertisement and for how long.

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