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How does the community work?

The Chicken Yogi Community consists of three parts, the activity streams, the forums, and user groups. You can access all parts of the community either from the “Community” link at the top of the page or from the member home page where buttons will take you to the forums and to the community (activity stream).

The main part of the community is the activity stream. Think of this like a social media feed. You can post updates, reply to others’ updates, and if you are a member of a user group any announcements from the group will show up there.

The forums is also where conversation happens in the community. Use the forums to post a question, initiate discussion, or check in if you’re a paying member with our accountability groups.

Finally there are user groups which are maintained by Kit and the staff at Chicken Yogi. These groups are set up for each membership level and will be used, in addition to the specific group forums, to push announcements.

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